About CoversOnly
Cover songs have always had an important place in the music industry. They provide a familiar platform for expressing a unique musical style, and have propelled the careers of countless bands from The Beatles, with their 1963 hit cover of The Isley Brothers’ “Twist and Shout,” to Panic! at the Disco, who actually originated as a Blink-182 cover band. These days, the insane amounts of musical and creative talent on YouTube have made covers as important as ever to the music industry. Songs are re-interpreted in endless ways from bedrooms to soundstages, and can sometimes even blaze the path for the original song to becoming a hit, as was the case with Walk Off The Earth’s cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know.” Given the major popularity of cover songs on YouTube, the user experience of song discovery should be far better than typing in the title of individual songs and adding “cover” to the query. I decided to build CoversOnly to make a site which, as its name suggests, is completely centered around only covers. Covers are organized in a number of relevant ways, suggested videos will always lead to other covers, and a more prominent focus is put on the artists themselves, who spend far more time than you’d imagine making their covers. Here are 4 reasons why CoversOnly is the best site ever for discovering and enjoying cover songs: Real-Time Charts!
We created an algorithm that works in real time to rank the popularity of cover videos. It’s kind of like the Billboard charts... but much faster and of course only for covers. We promise you’ll discover amazing new cover songs and artists with it every day.
Most Popular Songs
Direct links to all the covers of today’s most popular songs will blow your mind if you are just starting to grasp how popular cover versions are online. And if you already love cover videos, we promise that this is a far better way to watch all the videos of a popular song than manually searching for the covers on YouTube.
It’s All About The Artists
The musicians creating these covers are front and center on CoversOnly. We use their actual names, not the YouTube handle they had to add extra letters and number to because their real name was already taken. We have a daily featured artist, artist pages to find all their cover videos, and links that are as pretty as can be (e.g. We also have a whole bunch of curated collections, which organize covers in fun ways to help you discover artists and videos you might have not found otherwise.
Covers of Every Song Ever
For every video you watch, there will always be a link to watch all cover versions of that song. Get lost in a web of covers of “Toxic” covers, we promise you’ll end up somewhere weird and awesome. Pro tip! We’re going to add a proper search feature soon, but you can already search for any song ever by adding the artist name and song name to our url like this:

Are you a cover artist? Sweet! If we don’t already have an artist page for you, let us know and we’ll set one up for you. You can check by going to, replacing “Your” and “Name,” of course. We’re also planning to add many more features to artist pages soon, like links to your Facebook, Patreon pages, etc. CoversOnly is for you, so please tell us how you like it and what else we can add to make it even better. Lastly, we highly suggest making sure your cover videos have “cover” in their titles and also mention the original song and artist. It makes it way easier for everyone to discover your videos this way.